Release update 03/02/2012

Finally the latest version has arrived!

The SDK download is available again. See the downloads section.

Below the release notes for this version.


– added Squid.Xml.XmlSerializer for loading/saving desktops, controls and skins
– added (Label) Leading (
– added (Label) BBCode support (font, color, url, img)
– added (Label) clickable links (Label.OnLinkClicked(string url))
– added style.GridRepeat (repeats left/top/right/bottom slices)
– added control.TabIndex
– added control.Animation
– added Skin class
– added VS9 and VS10 solutions
– added SplitContainer.Orientation (hor/vert)
– added Control.GetControl(string name). (searches any depth)
– added Control.MinSize/MaxSize (only used if maxsize > 0)
– added DockStyle.Middle/Center
– added Desktop.TooltipAlign (TopLeft/TopRight/MiddleLeft/etc.)
– renamed SplitContainer.Aspect to AspectRatio
– SplitContainer.Frame1 now respects MinSize/MaxSize
– Desktop now also fires OnDragDrop if drop target was null


– Squid.GUI renamed to Squid.GuiHost to avoid conflicts with other libraries
– fixed window resizing behaviour in respect to min/max size
– fixed (Label) TextAlign (text is now properly aligned in all cases)
– fixed FlowLayoutFrame not updating correctly if AutoSize != None
– fixed Panel.Content not showing sometimes
– fixed Opacity for drawn text
– fixed InputManager examples (SlimDX, XNA)
– moved StyleMap.cs to example code
– replaced XNA3.1 with XNA4.0
– removed System.Xml


– Tab, Shift+Tab now cycle through tabs (not hierarchical)
– TextAlign and TextWrap now work together
– TextWrap is disabled if AutoSize != None
– Controls can now be animated via coroutines (see code samples)
– added XmlReader, XmlWriter, XmlSerializer, XmlIgnoreAttribute, HiddenAttribute

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