Release update 04/25/2012

The new version 1.0.1 is ready for public release!

See the downloads section.

Below the release notes for this version.

– fixed several exceptions in base Control class
– fixed wrong Font offset caused by TextPadding.Bottom
– fixed wrong Font offset when TextAlign.MiddleLeft/Right/Center was used
– fixed Font import for fontbuilder Divo files (Unity3D)
– fixed Font rendering issues with large fonts (Unity3D)
– added bool Slider.Ease, float Slider.EasedValue for smooth content scrolling
– added Ease/EasedValue to HScrollbar and VScrollbar
– added enum: Alignment.Inherit
– added enum: TextureMode

TextureMode.Stretch : stretch texture to fit control
TextureMode.Grid : use 9slice defined in style.Grid
TextureMode.GridRepeat: like Grid, but repeats the borders
TextureMode.Repeat : repeat texture on both axis
TextureMode.RepeatX : repeat texture on X
TextureMode.RepeatY : repeat texture on Y

* Glyph (Unity3D)
– added fields: Width, Height, OffsetX, OffsetY, Advance

* Style
– removed properties: GridEnabled, GridRepeat
– added property: Tiling (defaults to TextureMode.Stretch)
– Style.TextAlign now defaults to Inherit

* Label
– added property: TextAlign (defaults to Alignment.MiddleLeft)
– Text will now use control.TextAlign if style.TextAlign is Inherit.

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