Development Update

SQUID is in active development!

We continuously improve the library and will keep you updated in the best way possible.
Todays update gives you a glimpse at some features which will hit the stable release build very soon.

In development:

  • Tooltips and context menus
  • Tab indexing
  • TabControl
  • PropertyGrid
  • text selection in TextArea

Future plans:

  • multiline TextBox
  • BBCode parsing and display in TextArea
  • render target support for 3D GUI projection and interaction
  • WYSIWYG editor and style builder
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  1. Garoad says:

    Squid looks great, but is this still in active development? Are a multiline TextBox (and even better) a WYSIWYG editor available?

  2. @Garoad: Yes, Squid is in active development. A major update is coming this month (January). Multiline TextBox is on the roadmap and so is WYSIWYG.

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