Release update 07/17/2012

The new version 1.0.2 is ready for public release! See the downloads section.


I was asked to include a GridView control in this release, but i wasn’t able to finish it.
So instead of rushing it i included the unfinished GridView sourcecode as part of the SampleControls project!
This gives everyone another example of how to develop your own complex controls using Squid.

Release note:

– fixed a fatal bug in XmlSerializer
– fixed an issue with smooth scrolling getting out of bounds on low frame rates

– added MouseEventArgs to OnMouseClick/MouseDown/MouseUp/MousePres/MouseDoubleClick
– removed Control.OnKeyEvent
– added Control.OnKeyDown and Control.OnKeyUp
– MouseEventArgs carry the mouse button index
– KeyEventArgs now carry the key/scancode that is down or up

– added GridView control sourcecode to SampleControls

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