Universe Sandbox – powered by SQUID

We are delighted to announce that the next major revision of Universe Sandbox will be powered by SQUID.

Our good friend Dan Dixon has been using our now obsolete framework “nUI” to power the GUI of  Universe Sandbox and he will be moving over to SQUID for the next major release.

Head over to www.UniverseSandbox.com and give it a try, it’s an excellent piece of software!

Interactive Astronomy Software for Everyone

Smash moons into planets, create new stars, and build new worlds from spinning discs of debris.
Explore our solar system in 3D or destroy everything you’ve created with a super massive black hole.
You can simulate and interact with:
  • Our solar system: the 8 planets,160+ moons, and hundreds of asteroids
  • Nearest 1000 stars to our Sun
  • Our local group of galaxies
  • An unlimited number of fictional scenarios
Tinker with your creation or sit back and watch the effects of gravity unfold. It’s fun, accessible, and easy to use.
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