Release update 12/03/2012

The new version 1.0.3 is ready for public release!
See the downloads section.

In development for 1.0.4:

  • fading tooltips
  • support for Angelcode BMFont
  • improved Drag&Drop

Release Notes 1.0.3

  • fixed Control.AutoSize now takes Controls and Elements into account
  • fixed Label and classes derived from Label now chose AutoSize based on Text and Elements
  • fixed ActiveList<T> now exposes events: ItemRemove, ItemAdded, ItemsCleared, BeforeItemAdded, BeforeItemRemoved, BeforeItemsCleared
  • fixed a bug that caused only button 0 to fire some events
  • fixed a bug that caused wrong linebreaks in Label.Text when TextWrap was true
  • fixed Desktop.TooltipControl go out of screen bounds
  • fixed a bug in Window.Show() that caused double modality
  • fixed a potential crash when Window.Show() was called with null parameter
  • fixed cursor position while resizing. cursor remains perfectly sticky now
  • fixed text display problems with some special characters
  • fixed wrong render order of textbox highlight
  • fixed DropDownList not processing events when nested in a modal window
  • fixed a bug that caused some controls to be inactive in a modal window
  • fixed a null exception in ListBox.SelectedItem
  • fixed ListBoxItem.Selected and LIstBox.SelectedItems now interact correctly
  • fixed TextBox processing some input when ReadOnly
  • fixed several bugs related to ListBox.SelectedItemChanged
  • renamed virtual void Control.OnUpdate to Control.Update
  • renamed virtual void Control.OnStateChanged to Control.StateChanged
  • renamed virtual void Control.OnLateUpdate to Control.LateUpdate
  • added new event Control.OnUpdate
  • added new event Button.BeforeCheckedChanged
  • added new control RadioButton, suppports grouping
  • added new method Control.FindControls<T> to find direct children of a given type
  • added int TextBox.HighlightColor to change the background color of selected text
  • added property ListBox.SelectedItems and event ListBox.SelectedItemsChanged
  • added ListBox.MaxSelected to limit the max number or selected items
  • added Color.Tint property. Used to tint the control style.
  • added Flipbook class for animated texture uv coords
  • added FlipbookCursor class for animated cursors
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