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Status: New Version: 1.0.3 Priority: 3
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06/22/2014 11:25:00 UTC
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Description: Alright, to answer some qeuitsons. We can upgrade to a non-plugin option as of right now. Multiplay, the server company, developed an entire program for this purpose (Why a server company has to opposed to the person we paid for the game is another discussion.) This would upgrade the server to 1.2, however we would have zero plugin support, admins would not be able to use their powers. The main issue I have is the server is running perfectly fine at the moment without lag and massive bugs, upgrading the server could change this, as well as it would take special moving and saving and copying the world file. Compared to the gains that would be achieved, I do not know if it is worth the risk/reward.We could have a forum using a free solution such as ZetaBoards (used to be Invisionfree) or another free, pre-setup forum solution. It was always in the ideas stages and no one ever queried about it before this.That is all for now